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All current COG members receive their own gallery for posting pictures, movies, and comments about their aircraft. In addition, our gallery provider offers photo print services for your pictures - including t-shirts and coffee mugs!

Please note the following guidelines about the use of the gallery.

  • Some users choose not to create a gallery, so the COG only sets up a gallery at your request. Please drop an e-mail to the Judi who acts as a volunteer to set up galleries.
  • The gallery service we use is shared by all the COG members. Please be courteous of other members and don't disturb their gallery.
  • You need to login to post pictures and edit your gallery. The account and password is posted in the WebBoard in the Members Only section. Anyone can browse the galleries by simply navigating to http://gallery.commander.org
  • Once logged in, click on your gallery to add and work with photos. There is no limit to the number of photos. Movies are limited to 8MB each. It is strongly recommended that you convert your movies to the Windows Movie format by using the free Microsoft Movie Maker 2.0 available for Windows XP here.
  • Please do not set your gallery as Featured and do not enter a Bio as these options affect the entire collection of galleries. We suggest entering your bio information (if you'd like) as the caption for your lead photo.
  • The galleries are unmoderated, but the COG reserves the right to remove photos or entire galleries deemed inappropriate. By using the galleries, you agree to post only photos in good taste and suitable for family consumption.

Questions or problems regarding this Web site should be directed to the webmaster
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